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Scrapbox Salvage Co. promotes environmental and social sustainability by reclaiming reusable building materials and selling them at affordable prices.


We aim to be a community resource to those who wish to maintain or improve their home on a budget and eco-friendly.

Our Green Mission?

Located in the heart of Minneapolis, ScrapBox Salvage Co. is a reuse buildings material store. We partner with the 
BirchGroup, a 501 (c)(3) non-profit development and deconstruction salvage company to reclaim and harvest everything from lights, flooring, windows, doors and more.

We promote environmental + social sustainability through conscious efforts to give, volunteer and provide reuse resources to our communities.


As advocates for climate change, we aim to reduce C&D from our waste stream by salvaging reusable building materials for resell in hopes to inspire others to “rethink reuse”.


We Deliver + Provide Pick-up of Donations

Do you have reusable building materials that are in new condition and you would like to  donate? Call us or send us an email.

We Take Sustainability Seriously

Building green without wasting a thing is part of our Green Mission - our zero waste place initiative. We partner with county, state and private sectors to maintain our commitment in preservation of our environment ... and society. 

Green Workforce Developement

Our build green initiatives contribute directly towards moving society and the built environment towards sustainability. With the help of our Parent company, Birch Group we address the skills gap that threatens the nation's long term economic prosperity.

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Deals + Steals

Our online inventory changes daily so check back often!


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